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As hardened tartar starts to accumulate near the gumline, the constant bacterial presence can significantly increase your chances of suffering from gum disease. This is often the result of an inconsistent daily oral hygiene routine or a bad habit of procrastinating your regular dental checkup.

Early symptoms of a periodontal health problem might include inflamed gum inflammation, gums that bleed easily, and frequent problems with bad breath.

With timely diagnosis from a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Robert Hauptman the gum inflammation of gingivitis might be treated with a thorough dental cleaning or a more comprehensive dental root planing treatment.

Without professional treatment and general improvements to your oral hygiene practices, gingivitis could develop into periodontitis. This can cause your gum tissues to gradually recede from the base of your teeth.

As it worsens, pockets of infection can start to form near the roots of your teeth. This can increase your chances of suffering the loss of multiple teeth. In some cases, advanced periodontitis requires surgical intervention or prescription antibiotics to effectively treat and resolve the problem.

If it continues to progress the systemic inflammation of chronic periodontal disease can complicate other medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and increased risk of stroke.

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