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It’s never too late to correct any chips or cracks that you have in your teeth for all these years. Even if you sustained dental damage many years ago, as long as your inner tooth has not yet become damaged, a dental bond can be placed to provide additional support for the enhancement of your tooth and smile.

If you have any spacing malocclusions, irregular, or abnormally-shaped teeth, or need to make your teeth look longer, than a dental bonding treatment may be useful. If a section of your tooth has been exposed due to receding gums, a dental bonding treatment can be used to provide root protection by covering up the section that is exposed.

Dental bonding treatments are very effective for individuals who have broken or cracked teeth. In addition, the treatments are extremely effective for filling in cavities and can be used on deep stains and discolorations, as well as problems associated with receding gums.

Don’t wait for an oral health care treatment. If you would like to know if you require dental bonding, please schedule an oral exam with Dr. Robert Hauptman and our team at Gluckstadt Family Dentistry at our dentist office in Madison, Mississippi, by calling us at 601-790-9245.