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Many patients find physical activity to be a great way to improve their mood and overall health, and contact sports are one of the most popular methods to engage in recreational activity. If you are active a lot for any reason, an athletic mouth guard can help you avoid serious oral injury when you play.

We highly recommend wearing a proper mouth guard to significantly lower your risk of suffering moderate to severe mouth injuries, including tooth loss and jaw and tooth damage. Dr. Robert Hauptman can provide you with a high-quality custom mouth guard at our office that we design to properly fit your smile and keep your teeth and jaws safe from strong blows to the face. Because these appliances aren’t very large, you can easily carry your mouth guard in your pocket, purse or gym bag and always have it on hand when needed.

Even if you don’t play a contact sport, we recommend the use of a mouth guard for activities such as skateboarding, gymnastics, biking and running. Our dentist would be happy to further discuss the reasons for a mouth guard if you have any questions regarding this appliance.

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