Which Treatments Should I Get If I’m Pregnant?

The welfare of your child is everything, particularly so when you're expecting. To keep your baby healthy during all the trimesters of pregnancy, it's imperative to checkup the dentist's office for certain procedures like regular checkups and cleanings. We often get asked about X-rays by expecting mothers. Unlike what you... Read more »

Maintain Optimum Oral Health with Dentures

If the time has come to fill in a gap in your smile, consider a tooth prosthetic such as a denture to accomplish the task. Although dentures are extremely helpful for replacing missing teeth, it is important to care for them with caution, precision, and daily attention. Whereas a tooth... Read more »

Chronic Periodontal Health Problems Can Eventually Lead to Tooth Loss

As hardened tartar starts to accumulate near the gumline, the constant bacterial presence can significantly increase your chances of suffering from gum disease. This is often the result of an inconsistent daily oral hygiene routine or a bad habit of procrastinating your regular dental checkup. Early symptoms of a periodontal... Read more »

A Primer on Teeth

If the human body is like a well-oiled machine, the mouth is an excessively fine gear with plenty of teeth. (Pun intended.) Every one of your pearly whites plays a part in helping you munch food in the quickest, most effective ways, and that’s truly amazing. There are four forms... Read more »

Beyond Brushing

Brushing your teeth is just the beginning of good oral health. Fortunately, the other habits are easy to incorporate into your daily life. Here are the ingredients for a lovely smile: Floss: Don’t forget; this is daily companion to brushing. It does not matter if it happens before or after... Read more »

Got Teeth Whitening Questions? We’re Happy to Help

If you have a desire to brighten your smile with a teeth whitening treatment but you’re hesitant because you have questions, our dentist, Dr. Robert Hauptman, and dental team are here to help. We are happy to give you the answers you’re looking for so you can know more about... Read more »

Fun Facts about Dentistry

We at Gluckstadt Family Dentistry are in love with dentistry. We’ve devoted our lives to the health and preservation of your smile, and we’re not the only ones. Since as far back as 12,000 B.C., humans have practiced various dental techniques. Here are some fun facts about how dentistry has... Read more »

The Toothbrush: A Historical Timeline

For thousands of years, humans have recognized the value of their teeth and cared for them as best as they knew how. Over time our ability to care for our teeth has vastly improved through some marvelous inventions. At the heart of these inventions is the toothbrush. Here is a... Read more »

Dental Health Care Focus: Aging and Dental Health

One of the worst problems with aging is the consequences it has on our body. As we get older, so too do our limbs, organs, hair, and smile. We often mistakenly think of teeth as being resistant to the effects of age, but they too will begin to wear down... Read more »

Chipped and Fractured Teeth Are at Increased Risk of Suffering a Severe Cavity

Your teeth are designed to be hard enough to bite, chew, and grind food while also helping to resist cavities. When you use your teeth as tools, crunch on ice, or nervously nibble on desktop items, the excess force applied could cause a chip or fracture on one of your... Read more »