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The dawning of the new year marks a time to set goals, such as how you plan to protect your dental health now and in the future. If you are looking into options for cavity prevention and would appreciate a highly effective treatment, you may find that dental sealants are just right. Benefits of dental sealants include reducing your risk of tooth decay and protecting your teeth from enamel erosion.

Dental sealants are especially helpful for patients who struggle with hard-to-clean back teeth that are vulnerable to acidic food and drinks. While acids can weaken natural tooth enamel, they can’t as easily penetrate dental sealants, and the clear material won’t hide your natural smile when you receive dental sealants.

We apply your dental sealants as thin shells painted onto your molar and premolars’ chewing surfaces to discourage tooth decay and other dental threats. Because dental sealants are so durable, they can offer as much as 10 years of protection.

You can decrease your risk of cavities as much as 80% with dental sealants, and children who receive sealants can be 3 times less likely to experience tooth decay. Dental sealants are effective for children who have their first molars and adults who have deeply grooved teeth.

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